Major Role



Main industrial fields implemented under the Department of Industrial Development are handloom production , textile production , carpentry, cane related productions , red clay production, coir and eakle related production and light engineering productions. Programs are implemented on the sustainable development of these main fields which is provided via these centers established in the rural level of Uva Province.  By maintaining these production centers in rural levels  it will be able to protect these industries in future also.

This Department of Industrial Development is one of the institutions which contribute for the gross domestic production of the country. This Department contributes to the income of the Provincial Council in considerable level by selling handloom products, textile products , carpentry, cane related products , red clay products, coir and eakle related products and light engineering products.


Maintaining handloom textile production, carpentry, cane production, red clay production, coir and eakle production and light engineering production centers and providing the vocational training for the youth who had left the school by the vocational training centers is done by the Department and in addition to that government, non government and private institutions  provide required vocational trainings to the youth of the Province. Via that rural community is strengthened with achieving more employment opportunities and by that they will be able to uplift their income status.

In addition to that, special programs are being implemented by the Department of Provincial Industrial Development for uplifting the small and medium scale craftsmen and under that a program is being implemented  on providing required technical equipment (machineries) for the currently implementing industries and already started industries under the 50% of the beneficiary contribution and the Provincial Specific Development Grants  are used for this.  Furthermore, providing vocational trainings targeting employments within and out of Uva Province and providing required technical trainings, management and entrepreneurship trainings after registering the small and minor scale craftsmen in the Province at the Department are done.

Furthermore , it was able to provide proper value  to the profession of the trained labours around the Province (eg: masons, carpenters, plumbers, Aluminium and related producers )by organizing them and by implementing programs in cooperation with National Apprentice Board for National Vocational qualification under RPL methodology  to improve the professional skill of them.



Main government institution which works for the growth of the handicrafts of Sri Lanka is National Crafts  Council. As a department which closely works with the rural community, the Department of Industrial Development works  for the upliftment of handicraft of Uva Province in cooperation with National Crafts Council . The Department provides the opportunity for the persons with skills of handicrafts to show their talents in the provincial, national and international level exhibitions  after identifying  and registering them in National Craft Council and after having the trainings at National Crafts Council.

With the aim of improving the involvement of the craftsmen in handicrafts and to protect this art for the future generation; required technical trainings , strengthening the craftsmen and providing necessary technical equipment and machineries for developing the products of the craftsmen with 50% contribution of the beneficiaries .